Call for applications for the Environment Award 2023

The deadline for submitting applications has been extended until 29 October 2023.


Does your organisation operate in an environmentally responsible way and the case play a prominent role in your corporate mission?
Have your company successfully introduced a new product, service or production technology that contributes to sustainable development?
Have you established a business partnership with a company or other organisation in a developing country with the aim of promoting environmental and technological progress?


Apply for the „Business Life for the Environment Award” presented by the Hungarian Business Leaders Forum


1.   Introduction

The Hungarian Business Leaders Forum (HBLF) has been a non-profit organisation dedicated to responsible corporate governance for 30 years. HBLF is bringing together domestic and international companies, business leaders and recognized experts. Beyond our member companies, domestic businesses also make independent and collective efforts for the environmental protection and sustainable development. In recognition of this practice, HBLF established the "Business Life for the Environment" environmental award (hereinafter: the Award) in 2000.

The Award, which is announced in an open call for applications, can be given to an organisation with an outstanding commitment to the protection of the environment, and its environmental and economic performance in related activities is exemplary and has implemented a specific project to protect our environment in the years before the applications and in the current years (2022-2023). A project can also be part of a long-term process, if its individual results can be well demonstrated.

2. The purpose of the Award

Presenting the Award, the Founder intends to promote the importance of environmental protection, the idea of sustainable development, the spread of environmentally responsible management and, in this context, the fight against climate change.

The Award and the publicity will provide an opportunity for those who have directly or indirectly played an outstanding role in environmental protection to present their achievements to a broader audience.

3. Requirements

The Award is open to businesses registered in Hungary that have been operating for 2-3 years and have:

·      a written form of environmental policy, strategy or philosophy and

·      other achievements in the field of environmental protection, which differ from its core business.


The deadline for applications: 29 October, 2023

with maximum 5 pages

in Hungarian or in English, by e-mail to



4. Form of the application

The organisations can apply by presenting their environmental activities and achievements in the previous 1-3 years. In order to get to know the applying organisations more precisely and to evaluate the programs, it is essential to provide the following information with the application. (Applications longer than 5 pages will not be considered.)

Mandantory formal elements of the application

4.1. Company brochure / Introduction

A short description of the main activities of the organisation (maxmimum 1 page).

It must include: a summary of the main activities, the names of the main products or services, other relevant information about the organisation for the years of 2022-2023 (the information provided will be treated confidentially and will not be disclosed to third parties).

4.2 A short description about the environmental activities of the organisation

Please prepare the application in one of the following topics.

1.  Management: a company whose outstanding mission and vision enable it to continuously improve its results in terms of environmental aspects of sustainable development.

2. Product: the development and successful market introduction of a new product or service that makes an outstanding contribution to sustainable development.

3. Processes: the development and introduction of new, innovative production technology while maximising sustainability.

4.  International business cooperation: business cooperation promoting sustainable development through technology transfer, environmental protection, product or service development, improvement of working conditions with companies, NGOs or the scientific sector in developing countries.

5.  Business and biodiversity: involves a successful business model, management system, product and service or international cooperation that contributes significantly to halting biodiversity loss and supporting natural ecosystems.

6.  Business and Education for Sustainability: a program that has paid particular attention to education or has innovatively and effectively shaped the thinking of stakeholders (e.g. employees, customers).

Applicant organisations shall present their environmental activities and achievements in these categories.

5. Evaluation of the application

The formally compliant and substantively suitable applications are evaluated by the members of the jury by comparing the environmental program assigned to the activities of the organisation and by ranking the received applications.


6. Announcement

The Business Life for Diversity Award will be presented during HBLF’s end-of-the-year event. The Award will be presented by the President of the Jury and the President of HBLF. We will publish the results of the application on the website of HBLF, but the submitted materials will be treated confidentially.

7. Conflict of interest

a) any person who is involved in the application procedure as a contributor or decision-maker

b) a close relative of a person referred to in point (a)

c) a company owned by a person referred to in point (a)

d) a business company, foundation, social organization, church or trade union in which the person referred to in point (a) is a senior director, member of the governing body or organization of the foundation, an officer or member of the administrative or representative body of the social organization, an employee or a contractual partner.

e) the organisation establishing and presenting the award (hereinafter HBLF)

f) who is an executive officer or a member of the board of the organisation referred to in point (e) in the year of the call for applications

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